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The most frequently asked questions regarding Chile Red Deer Hunts:

Q - Are there any other big game animals I can hunt in Chile besides Red Stag?
- Yes, we also have some of the world's largest Fallow deer and hunting occurs in very limited numbers each year. Please consult with us regarding Fallow deer Hunting

Q - What are the costs to hunt fallow deer in Chile?
- The daily rate is the same as the daily rate for red deer. Trophy fees range from $1,000 - $3,500 depending on the trophy size.

Q - Are there any fishing opportunities in Chile?
- Absolutely, we can arrange for some excellent guided fishing tours for salmon and trout in some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine very close by.

Q What do I need to bring?
Good pair of Binoculars, camera, light rain gear, light pair of hunting boots or Rubber boots for the wet morning grass, Camo hunting cloth for weather in the 50s 70s small day pack for personal items.

Q - When is the best time to hunt?
- We only hunt for Trophy stags between March 15th and April 5th, which is prime time during the rut.

Q - Can I bring my own firearms to Chile?
- Yes, but it is not recommended. We have very good, modern rifles with scopes available for you to use at no charge. Chile is not a well known hunting destination, therefore handling of firearms importation by Chilean officials is not a common practice.

Q - What kind of weather can I expect for this time of year?
- You should expect weather similar to the Southern Rockies in the U.S. around late September. (Keep in Mind it will be early fall there).

Q - How many animals can I expect to see each day?
- During the rut, on an average you should be able to see 1 to 10 mature stags per day.

Q - Are they vocal?
- Yes, during the rut they become very vocal. During the peak of the rut they will sometimes roar all day. You will hear them roar throughout the night from your cabin.

Q - Is this a physically demanding hunt?
- No, In fact it is quite easy, since most of the time you will spend waiting in a high house or stalking slowly through the woods, trying to get a look at a roaring stag.

Q - Do the guides only speak Spanish?
- No, besides Spanish, they are all also fluent in English and German.

Q - How far will I have to travel to combine a fallow deer hunt with a red stag hunt?
If you let us know ahead of time, we can put you in an area to hunt stags very close to were you can hunt Fallow deer as well.

Q - Are there any predators in Chile?
- Pumas or Mountain lions are present and are fairly common, but they are protected by law.

Q - What about bird hunting?
- No, Chile is not known for good bird hunting.

Q - Can I bring along a non-hunter?
- Absolutely, they will have a great time and enjoy great food and accommodations. The cost is $250 per day.

Q - What about trophy preparation?
- Our staff has been trained by a professional Taxidermist. They will properly take care of your trophy, as well as packing.

Q - How do I get my trophies home?
- Your trophies will be dried, crated and shipped with all export documents in April, at a very reasonable cost.

Q -If I decide to go and send in my $2,000 deposit, what happens if I can't go?
- Deposits are non-refundable, unless your slot can be replaced by another hunter.
Please understand that these hunts are very limited per year.
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